The new HD digital connection is much talked about in the recent times. They come with enriched picture qualities and clarity that is far better than what your old digital connection could offer. You are dying to upgrade your tv viewing experience to the home theatre level. But then you remember that the tv you have is completely non HD. Can a non HD tv be connected to an HD digital connection? This article explores the possibilities and gives you the answer.

HD Viewing Is Possible

The good news is that HD viewing can be possible on your non-HD television. Just that you have to follow some technical steps in order to do so. The steps are as given below:

  • A high definition or HD source of viewing can be put on an SD TV. Cable.You can also do it on satellite, DVB-T or free to air digital connections or even on Blu-ray.The HD source can be plugged into any television set which has composite ports. By the composite ports the yellow, white and red ports are meant. Down conversion will be done to the SD by the cable box.It will be sent by means of the port for composite video.
  • The high definition works fine even on theDVB-T set top box.The work is done when it is plugged into the standard definition TV. There are composite ports again for the fine job. You set up many HD set top boxes with cheap SD plasmas as well.The CRTs or an old rear projection television set will also do the work.

Even if you buy an HD TV and a Blu-ray recorder of any good company it will work well and good. You can plugit into a 51cm CRT if that is what you have. The two above mentioned devices will be working excellently, even when the HD channels are being watched.

HD Digital Connection

Some Glitches That Might Be Present

You can surely watch any HD content or channel on a non-HDTV with the before mentioned setup. But some people might find slight disturbances as the high definition and will not look as clear as is usually expected. So, you can go ahead to buy the HD receiver. There are usually some extra channels included in the HD package, so this is an added benefit.

Finally, the answer to the question, whether a non-HD tv can be connected to an HD digital connection is definitely a yes. Almost all odds will be in your favour as the high definition cable box will be working with your TV. As was mentioned earlier, that as long as the box and the TV sets both have composite video ports the set up will be good. Your television set need not have an HD ready logo. If you are spending some money every month on the HD connection, you can also save it to upgrade your television set later if you feel the need.