Netflix is a popular video streaming application. It has built its reputation through the conventional movie renting portals. It has been done mainly through mail. The Netflix is offering Internet video streaming recently. It is serving its huge fan base by means of this service named Watch Instant. If you have an appropriate television set, then you can watch Netflix on it too along with the usual PC and lappy. Below given are some ways with will make tv viewing of Netflix possibly easier.

Check If You Have A Smart Television

Any home connection shall give you the joy of viewing Netflix. You just need to determine if your television set is a smart one. You can check it as:

  • See if the tv set has streaming service logos of various networks. If it is present, then your tv set might be a smart one. If the logo of Netflix is present, then it is a bonus.
  • Check to see if the remote has a launch button for such services.

 In case you do not understand something you can always contact the dealer from where you have bought the television. You can always surf the net for extra information.

Home Network To Be Connected Next

After you have made sure that your television is a smart one, you have to connect the home network to it. You can stream Netflix through the app on your tv set. This can again be done in two ways. They are given below:

  • Look for Ethernet ports in your television. Some sets do have them. By that, you can directly connect it to the router. To connect it to the home network you will only need an Ethernet cable. Just plug it into both the router and the television set and you are good to go.
  • There may be a wifi adapter in the television set if it is the latest model. To use this feature, you will need a wireless adapter. After that you will need to select the network options on your television set and punch in the password like you would do for any other network.

This was the second step for getting your television set ready for some Netflix enjoyment.

Create Or Log In To Your Netflix Account

This is the last step of the operation. After the connection is secured, find the Netflix app on your smart television. You can download the Netflix app if you cannot find it readily available. The firmware of your tv set needs to be updated in this process if it is not already. You can copy it to the USB drive after downloading it and the put it across the tv.

Immediately after the app is opened you will be given a pop-up message saying that you require logging into your Netflix account. You will need a plan for your Netflix viewing on television. You will be guided through various plans out of which choosing the DVD only plans will help you in getting Netflix.

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